Legal Directives, LLC is the Nation’s premier provider of emergency access to healthcare directives and emergency contact information.  We were delighted to work with them this summer to redesign their website to include a mobile version.

Many of the companies we are privileged to work with start out as a family business, founded on the values of hard work and serving others with a generous spirit. While Legal Directives has grown from being a small business to a nationwide company serving tens of thousands of individuals, and hundreds of law firms across the country, their focus on serving others remains as strong as the day they founded the company.  Throughout the redesign of their website, they asked us to focus on a design that clearly explained the benefits of storing emergency healthcare directives and making them available 24/7 in the case of an emergency. While Legal Directives may have grown in size since its founding, co-owner Judd Ahrens (with his grandson Jack Ahrens pictured at a recent attorney conference) remains committed to serving each client and sponsoring law firm with the same values and generous spirit that founded the company.  We invite you to visit to view the redesign.