Logo & Brand Development

We turn your idea into reality, designing custom logos from scratch. In fact, many of the websites that we design include logo design as well. Our logo design services can help you create emotions and associations for customers. In order to make a custom logo design, our graphic designers follow a systematic designing process that helps them reach the intended outcome. We can operate quickly and efficiently to assist with new branding formation or updating a current design.

Determine Your Branding Objective
We talk to our client to determine what is their desired result in regards to their branding. How they would like to project their brand and what they want to say to the world as a company, group, or business. We also determine what type of collateral will be produced, in order to create a design that meets all the necessary criteria.

Creating Branding Color Guidelines
Determining color when creating your business’ branding is extremely important. It can speak volumes about your business and how you carry yourself. Its important to determine this during the initial branding process so that specific color guidelines can set the tone for future branding efforts in a way that is consistent and uniform regardless of which vendor you decide to create marketing collateral with, at any moment in time.

Accurate Design Choices Facilitate Selecting the Final Design
We typically create a five logo variations and then review and revise with our clients through a 2-step revision process to finalize the final logo design.

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